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To subscribe to the ZX mailing list, focusing on Kawasaki ZX9R, ZX10, and ZX11 motorcycles, but open to all ZX owners, follow the instructions below:

The mailing list is avaiable in two versions, a list mode, and a digest mode. In the list mode, you will receive an email for each message that is sent to the mailing list. The ZX list is not particularly high volume, but can approach 10 messages or more per day.

If you would rather get less email messages in your inbox, you can choose to subscribe to the digest mode of the list. In the digest mode, you will receive an email message approximately once a day, at 7:00AM. This will contain all the messages sent to the list in the previous day. Occassionally, high message volume will cause a digest to be generated twice a day.

The ZX list is run under the Mailman mailing list software. When you want to subscribe, unsubscribe, request information about the list, or perform other list commands, you need to visit the list management web page.

The list management web page is at:

You can subscribe, unsubscribe, suspend message delivery, and change other options on this page.

If you have any further questions about the list, send mail to, the list maintainer.

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Last updated Nov 22, 2002