Posting Information

To send mail to the zx (big ninja) list, address the mail to

Only subscribers to the list may send mail to the list.

This list is not moderated, however, the mailing list program will catch emails containing certain common phrases such as "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" and direct them to the list maintainer. This is an attempt to keep the hundreds of subscribe requests from people off of the list. If you happen to send an email that doesn't pertain to subscribing or unsubscribing but still contains one of these keywords, your message may not get distributed to the list until it gets approved by the list maintainer. Don't worry, nothing's wrong.

The list also uses complicated heuristic algorithms along with periodic mail processer spot checks to catch spam. So please don't bother to spam the list.

The number of spammers taken offline to date is 34.

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Last updated Nov. 22, 2002